At my wedding I said that I was getting a 3 for 1 deal. I also said that I had no idea what I was doing. Boy was that an understatement!  Chris and I got married when Celeste was 7 and Sydney was 3. I was coming from a lot of years of being single and really only thinking about myself to a whole new, more altruistic, world.

Being a step mom has been an amazing experience. I knew from the beginning that I had to embrace this role or a lot of people were going to be miserable. So, I did. Right from the get go I was all in. There have been many ups and downs through the years but I am pleasantly surprised how solid my relationships are with my step daughters.

Let’s be honest. Dealing with my husband’s ex wife on an almost daily basis is not always hearts and peace signs but I do my best. I’m learning that sometimes things are always going to be difficult for everyone no matter how hard you try.

Celeste is our oldest. She is 16 and extremely beautiful. Chris started dating her mom when she was 4-5months old. He married her mom when she was 14months old and adopted her shortly after that. She is by far our most social child. When we’d take her to the park when she was little she would leave with several new “friends”. This girl likes to explore life. She would rather find out for herself than take our word for it. Pushing the boundaries is what she is all about. Sigh. So, we have definitely hit some rough patches at times. Luckily she’s good at communicating so we usually get things worked out fairly quickly, although her 7th grade year was LONGGGGGGGG. She is passionate about music and dancing. She’s really sweet and polite unless you get on her bad side.Lol. She is very respectful at our house. She never complains about spending time with the fam.  We appreciate her so much. I truly think she likes to keep the sweet girl that we know a secret from her friends though. With them, it’s tough, sassy, bad girl Celeste all the way… I’m glad I know the real her.

Sydney is our tween. She’s 11. She has always been our sweet, quiet, reserved girl. She’s daddy’s girl, always has been, always will be. She has her “best friends” and will play with them for hours and hours and hours. She is a dog lover through and through. She recently got a dog at her mom’s house so we’re off the hook. Phew! As she gets older she’s coming out of her shell more and more. She’s not nearly as shy as she used to be. I worry that this little one keeps a lot inside. I worry that someday she’ll explode if she doesn’t learn how to release her feelings in a positive way. I’m hoping that eventually she’ll be able to open up to me like Celeste does. I guess only time will tell…


“It’s hangin on when your heart has had enough. It’s giving more when you feel like giving up. I’ve seen the light it’s in my daughter’s eyes.” –Martina McBride