I am married to Chris Fry. After thousands of blind dates, one finally panned out! (Thanks Shelley. I owe you eternally). When my friend set me up on the blind date all she told me was “He’s divorced, he has two kids, he likes movies and he loves to read.” Ugh. Yes, it’s a wonder that I still went. Turns out that the only thing he reads is ESPN Sports Blogs. The other 3 things are true. Lucky for me there is much, much more to this amazing man.

One of my favorite things that Chris and I have in common is our love for music. Our first road trip was to the Bay Area to attend The Bridge Concert. It’s a benefit concert put on by Neil Young each year to help fund the special needs school his son goes to. Chris has been to the concert probably 12-13 times. There are different artists every year. They play acoustic. Even the artists that are typically over-produced come out and play with only a couple instruments. It’s our love, music stripped down, unplugged…We have seen Jack Johnson, Eddie Vetter, Sheryl Crow, Paul McCartney and many, many more over the years…Who knew that this tradition of The “Bridge” Concert would come to define our family, and that we would someday have our own special Bridge(r) to cross.

Chris is a computer guy. He has this incredible talent that I just don’t get. He has a gift that our whole family benefits from. I started out practically computer illiterate and now here I am writing a blog. Computers, movies, music, ipods, itouches, ipads, if it starts with an “I”, we probably have it. These things have actually enriched our lives and help us stay connected with our kids. About once a year since our girls were little Chris makes a Fry Family Favorites CD (now a playlist downloaded to our MP3 player of choice). It’s a compilation of 3 favorite songs of each family member. It’s an opportunity for us to brainwash our kids into loving Pearl Jam, The Beatles, and other musical treasures while we get to keep our finger on the pulse of what they are currently listening too. It really has been an amazing tradition that we all enjoy. We are up to Fry Family Favorites #11.

Although Chris and I have many things in common, in personality he really is my opposite. He is calm, pleasant and laid back. He likes to avoid conflict and go with the flow. He is the perfect balance to my anal retentive, controlling, uptight style. He has been by my side through happiness and heartbreak. And true to my goal of avoiding my “Facebook Self” I’ll be honest, sometimes I want to rip his head off, and I’m sure he feels the same about me. Ha! This is a man that puts up with way too much emotion and anxiety and way too little sex! Lol. I promise I have high hopes to correct all of this in the future! I love you Babe. You are my everything!

“You see everything, you see every part, you see all my light and you love my dark. You dig everything of which I’m ashamed, there’s not anything to which you can’t relate, and you’re still here.” –Alanis Morissette