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We had a hard Bridger Day yesterday. Just when I feel like he’s doing so well he has a day full of craziness and tantrumming to remind me how far we have to go.

This morning Bridger and Noah were in the backyard playing and Chris and I heard Bridger kind of crying and grumbling. By the time Chris got outside to check things out, Noah had led his big brother Bridger to the swing and started trying to push him to make him feel better. As I watched, Noah asked his Dad “You help me push Bridger?”

With tears in my eyes, I was reminded that Heavenly Father knew some days would be hard Bridger Days. It appears he sent an Angel Brother to help us all get through them:) We are truly blessed to have each of our children!

“The road is long, With many a winding turn, That leads us to who knows where, Who knows when, But I’m strong, Strong enough to carry him, He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.” –The Hollies